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Anil Gaikwad

Anil Gaikwad is a painter for whom other mediums of art are not a restriction but new sources of his creative expressions. He has created many sculptures in ceramic, glass, paper-Mache, metal and other mediums with full vigor and vitality. In fact experimentation and artistic creativity are very important for him. His expressions and creativity select their own mediums. Here is a painter who has basic urge to paint freely, who works through distortions and transformations. To put it critically, we may say that the dilemmas, apprehensions and obscurity of our times are revealed in Anil Gaikwad’s work. The roots of socio political decay underlies in his strokes. The colors often discarded, have found worthy place in his canvases. Let us encounter with the world created by Anil Gaikwad in Brown, Grey and Black. And infact, it is this Brown that burns in his subconscious. He presently works a freelance artist in Bhopal.

“My works have a certain aura of their own, as the light emanating from the colour pervades the canvases, resulting in the feel of sublime and serene. The light here is cool like moonlight or the light as we see during the sunset or the early morning. One may identify my images with certain terrain, valley or a landscape, yet you know for sure that am not painting a landscape, instead I delve deep into an innerscape, which unfolds gradually and creates a terra incognita. This is a neutral territory, an unknown place, which has been explored in a dream like state to realize, and transfuse one self with a certain tranquility. The attainment of this tranquility at a deeper level becomes a sustaining factor for the sensibilities at stake in these aggressive times. Thus the journey taken towards such a terra incognita is not only for aesthetic enrichment, but also for emotive content. I start from total darkness of the canvas (created by application of the black entirely) and with application of pastels, search for the illuminating signifiers in different tonal variations. My canvases for the viewer become a meditative place to realize one’s own feel for the nature and self, and seem to help in grasping the other reality. The grains of the canvases peering through the pastel colours are absorbing, and relate to the path traversed.”

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