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Bhuwal Prasad

Art is primarily an intellectual act, it is a conception of from, line, expression, in the mind of the artist and this form is always come from the nature with curiosity. But intellect is also self-poised, that art is the form of the nature. All kinds of things that are developed in the human mind is always related with nature, culture, social and political causes.
I always interact with the natural things on the earth. I always tried to express the all kinds of originality of the society or culture and want that it’s also accepted in original form, in my childhood I hard many kinds of spiritual and religious story from my mother or grandmother these stories have the main space in my works that related mainly expression. Expressions are the things that tell all kinds of truths - problems, happiness and stories, and the expressions are always shown by the activities of the human body.
In my artwork, there are expressions of the hand, and faces have the main space in it because the activities of the figure express the all conditions. On earth, all man and woman have his/her desire and tried to live with desire. My artwork shows people’s desire to do whatever they want.

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