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Neerja Peters

When faced with adversity, tragedy, or any trauma, it is the spirit of ‘Resilience’, that allows the ability to recover and move ahead. Let’s call it a survival instinct. However, this ability to bounce back varies in individuals. Artists are lucky and gifted owing to the creative energy that they possess. Not only do they distract themselves from negativity, but they also channelize the pain to create Art. Interestingly, I feel that the trauma acts as an emotional stimulus, breathing fresh life and vigor into a creation. The quote ‘No pain, no gain’, takes on a new meaning for me in this context. This past year of confinement, isolation, and loss has therefore not deterred artists from creating.

A specialist in Family Medicine, who discovered her passion for art a decade ago.

Practiced both medicine and art until 2019 when she decided to take a premature retirement to pursue art full time.

Art became a form of meditation as I found my language in spiritual expression through abstract geometry. Painting mostly in acrylic medium, my works are an ode to our spiritual heritage where art was considered a means of connecting with the Divine.

Artwork is a creation, it’s the outcome of love between artist and art. The joy and bliss of creation are akin to the union of the two lovers. My works take me into a meditative zone. It is a mystical love for the Source that manifests through this form of art.

‘Each act of producing a work of art requires introspection, contemplation, and meditation with the gesture of the divine immanent in all art forms, says India’s foremost spiritual guide, the ‘Bhagavad Gita’. Traditionally, making art was itself a reaching towards Ananda or pure bliss. It was an act of worship that signified unity with Godhead.’

The practice of Dhyan or meditation requires our consciousness to self-gather, focus, discipline, and move inwards towards the inner light. That is depicted by the brilliance of the center of these works.

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