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Shrikant Kadam

Born in 1973, Shrikant Kadam completed his General Diploma in painting from the Abhinava Kala Mahavidyalaya in Pune in 1995, followed by his Bachelor’s degree in the same from the College of Fine Art, Pune, in 2008. He also completed a Diploma in Art Education from the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, in 1996.

Kadam’s abstract art is an exploration of colour. Termed ‘nature abstracts’ by the artist, these paintings explore the varied hues and colours found in the natural world, paying an immortalizing tribute to Nature. The artist’s careful juxtaposition of contrasting colours adds drama to his compositions.

Shrikant Kadam has held solo shows at Waves Art Gallery, Pune, in 2009; Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai; Studio Nepean, Mumbai; Suchitrra Art Gallery, Mumbai; and Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, all in 2008; and several others in Western India. His work has also been featured as a part of group shows all over the world including galleries in the United Kingdom, Indonesia, France and India.

Kadam was conferred the ‘Abhyudaya Sanman’ by Kalavart Nyas Ujjani, Madhya Pradesh, in 2003, and the Maharashtra State Art Exhibition Award in 1998.

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