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Vivek Nimbolkar

A painter who profoundly invests in whole process of picture-making supported and enriched by an array of references, from his academic background training and experiences gained abroad and in his everybody an acquaintance with the multicultural Mauritian panorama. Painting as a main artistic activity regardless of the label definition or classification his painting bears. He stands as an image lover who inculcates his public with flash of images. Colors, forms and events. Art evolving from his huge images resources, lead to a vast pictorial vocabulary, free from limitation highlighting scenery of hid selected moments or forms. His painting flourishes from the traditional heritage and attitude-paint on canvas to a more contemporary visual standpoint the main features of his pictorial investigation are the articulation of human and natural elements and the creation of an animated platform for reconciliation and dialectic based on a specific painterly space and atmosphere. The artist manipulates his forms in order to project another perspective and a redefinition of each segment of his canvas in relation to each other three by going beyond a linear meaning.

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